Medical Billing

Medical billing is a process of providing and tracking up the claims. In order to receive appropriate and intended payments from the health insurance companies for the services offered by the health care provider. The health care service provided by the provider will be translated in to claims. Medical biller takes responsibility to follow the claims to ensure whether appropriate payments are reimbursed to the health care provider for the practice followed and rendered. The experienced biller will enhance the revenue performance for the health care provider for the services offered in various levels.

Medical billing process

Forwarding the claims

Our medical billing company receives the claims from the clinics and hospitals digitally. The medical claims will contain patient details and the care provided to the patients by the health care provider. Claim consists of charge sheets, demographics, insurance card, insurance verification, super bills and other information.

The claims received from the clinics and hospitals will be checked by the team to ensure the completeness and legibility. In case of any incomplete claims the clinic or the hospital will be notified about it resolve the issue.

One of the important process in medical billing is medical coding, that the diseases, diagnoses and the care provided to the patients by the health care provider will be coded with appropriate codes and here we follow ICD 10 latest coding format.

A five digit code will be associated with the claims for the service offered and the diagnoses code will be associated with the diagnoses done by the doctor.

One of the major reason for the denial of claims is the incompletion and also incorrect information in the claims. Therefore the expert team of our company will ensure hawk’s eye attention towards the claims to make it error free. Careful attention will be given to each detail to remove the mistakes if any. We ensure proper billing based on billing rules. We do pay attention to the claims but at the same time we are aimed to provide error free billing in a fast turnaround time.

Thorough medical claims auditing will be done in various levels of the process.

The claims will be filed and submitted to the health insurance agencies. The audited and error free claims will be submitted to the intended insurance agencies. If needed, supporting documents will be also attached to claim the complete settlement.

Our dedicated follow up team will be following the payers and the insurers regarding the reimbursement to ensure proper settlement.