Medical coding is an important process in the medical billing. The diagnoses and the treatment given to the patient is coded using proper coding procedure to prepare the claims. Coders use the medical reports that the medical billing receives from the doctor and turn the report in to codes. The medical reports contain condition of the patients, diagnosis done by the doctor, and other details regarding the patient’s visit to the doctor.

A patient that goes to doctor will be diagnosed and given treatment with appropriate medicine but in between there are a lot of details regarding the visit, consultation, diagnosis, treatment, medicines and many other related things. In such a case sending all these details to Health Insurance Company will be a tedious process and it takes much time for the health insurance provider to completely go through the bill and provide the reimbursement. In such a case coding is the better solution. In medical coding the bills from the doctors will be coded for easy processing to ensure that there is no delay in the payments for the health care provider.

According to CDC, the center for disease control, almost 1.4 billion patients visited hospitals last year. So processing such a huge information would be really tough for the health insurance company. Therefore the details of the patient, the diagnosis and the treatment given are coded and billed to prepare the claims for quick processing. The prepared claims will be sent to the health insurance agencies to get reimbursement without any issues.

The charge sheet or the details of the patient visit, diagnosis and the treatment given will be received and the coder will convert it in to the code. Our trained and expert coders use ICD 10 to code with latest procedure to ensure fast and accurate results. The coders will code the disease, the diagnosis and the medicines and treatment for further processing. As soon as the coder receive the details they will find the compatibility by matching the diagnosis with the code procedures as per the code standards followed in the company. Once coding is completed the files will be uploaded. The coded files will be checked for quality to make it completely error free and if there is any issues it will be cleared to make sure to provide error free claims. In case of any errors in the coding, reimbursement will be delayed by the health insurance.